Ogliastra Blue Zone
The perfect mix, between sea and mountain

The Ogliastra Blue Zone in Sardinia is an enchanting place that offers unique experiences to whom is looking for adventure, wellness, and longevity.

This mountainous land, with its amazing wild coasts and characteristic inland, offers a unique opportunity to discover the true essence of Sardinia.

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Why choose Ogliastra?

Explore the coast and the inland with e-bike excursions or long walks, immerse yourself in unspoiled nature, and discover its unknown beauties. Taste the typical Sardinian food made with genuine ingredients and authentic flavors, and enjoy the adventure of outdoor life.

Visit the towns of the Blue Zone, each one with its own culture and tradition, and discover the natural treasure this region has to offer.

The exceptional longevity of the Blue Zone population is just another reason to come and discover this Sardinian wonder.

Don’t waste the chance to live an unforgettable experience in the Ogliastra Blue Zone.

Book now your trip and discover the true meaning of beauty and adventure!

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Come to discover the great food, explore the wild and unspoiled territory, and enjoy the warm welcome of this land.

Ogliastra Blue Zone is waiting for you!